Photographer Makes A Heroic Decision When He Drives By A Pregnant Woman In A Burning Car

Video: WPXI News

Photojournalist Patrick Perry never imagined that instead of covering a story, he’d be making history one fateful day.

According to WCMH News, Perry was driving behind 21-year-old pregnant woman Caitlynn Godinez. She had lost control of her car and crashed into some trees, causing her car to come ablaze.

Perry quickly sprung into action as he pulled over next to her to get her out of the burning car. His colleague, Brittany Weiss, recorded the whole thing:

Brittany Weiss

Perry explained to WBRZ that he knew what to do until authorities arrived:

“By doing this for so long, I’ve watched paramedics and all that — I knew to keep her head still to make sure she didn’t have any further injuries.”
Godinez was rushed to the hospital after Perry rescued her.

The mom and her unborn baby are both in good health.