Caring Pilot

One couple received help in a big way after receiving some grim news, aboard an airline flight that was preparing to take off to Abu Dhabi, from Manchester England. The plane had already boarded and started moving down the runway when suddenly they got a text saying their “grandson had just been admitted into intensive care, and that they should come to the hospital — as soon as possible.” What to do?

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Pilot Stops Aborts Takeoff Couple See Sick Grandson

Image: Mashable

Well, the couple decided they had to alert the cabin crew, who then relayed the information to the pilot. The thoughtful Etihad Airlines pilot, decided while they were still moving, to abort the take-off so the couple could get off to see their grandson.

Thankfully, the pilot took his passengers concerns to heart, and the couple was able to reach the hospital just in time to say their goodbye’s. Unfortunately for the family, the grandson died the next day, but at least his grandparents were able to be at his bedside and have a very special moment with him.

A facebook post by the couple’s travel agent thanked the airline:

Image: Facebook/ Becky Stephenson

Image: Facebook/ Becky Stephenson

Such a thoughtful thing this pilot did for his passengers.

Article: Mashable