Look How Close This Kid Came From Disaster, Saved Thanks To Neighbor With Quick Reflexes

An image posted on twitter yesterday from a Pittsburg Pirates vs Atlanta Braves baseball game, has been making major league rounds on the internet today. It wasn’t because of an amazing play on-field, but rather something that happened in the stands that had everyone gasping in shock.

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Man Saves Child From Baseball Bat Pittsburg Pirates Hit Head Close Call

Image: Twitter/ Christopher Horner

The image, which shows a baseball bat being flung into the stands, and narrowly missing a young boy from being hit in the face, by inches. Thanks to the quick thinking and fast reflexes of the boy’s neighbor the incident is only an amazing image and not an injury report.

The bat had apparently slipped from the hand of Outfielder, Danny Ortiz, and flew towards the first-base line stands. The heroic man seen in the image, has as of yet, not been found. Perhaps the man was an angel, or maybe he was just a fan in the right place at the right time, with some amazing instincts. Perhaps, we’ll never know.

Article: Slate