Pray for Victims

2 small planes collided in mid-air on Friday, right off the coast of Los Angeles near the port. A massive and frantic search by dozens of rescuers, and search party boats turned up no survivors among the wreckage. It has been reported that there were at least 3 people on board that afternoon.

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According to AP reports, “Two men ages 61 and 81 were aboard one plane, and a 72-year-old woman was aboard the other plane,” Coast Guard Capt. Jennifer Williams said. Both of the planes took off from Torrance Airport and were known to have been experienced pilots.

The search for the wreckage of one of the planes has still not been found, so the possibility of there being remaining survivors is still high. The search area spans over 200-square-miles and the search is expected to continue with the use of helicopters and boats.

Los Angeles Plane Crash Search Survivors Collide

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This coastal area of Los Angeles is a popular place for flight students to practice so it isn’t unusual to sometimes see several small planes making maneuvers in the same general vicinity. Richard Garnett, Chief flight instructor with the Long Beach Flying Club, said “the pilots practice in an area that is 10 to 20 square miles and at altitudes ranging from 1,000 to 4,000 feet. On a typical day, there will be three or four planes in the air at the same time.”

Los Angeles Coast Pilot Crash Mid Air

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There have been several mid-air collisions in the area beginning in 1986, where 4 people escaped unharmed; and again in 2001 where 4 people died.

Capt. Williams said, “We don’t want to give up until we really feel that there’s no chance, that we haven’t scanned the area, searched the whole area and looked for survivors.”

Please say a prayer for the victims and families of the tragedy.

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