App To The Rescue

A woman from Milsburg Pennsylvania, who was kidnapped is safe today for an unlikely reason. An application that her mother downloaded that allowed her to track the location of her daughter’s  I-Phone led police to the whereabouts of the missing girl.

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Girl Kidnapped Police Track IPhone App Mother Daughter

Image: Flickr/ Dominique

According to Police, “the 18-year-old man met the woman Tuesday in East Stroudsburg to discuss custody of a young child. They say he bound her hands, feet and mouth with duct tape and forced her into the trunk of a vehicle.”

Somehow, the daughter was able to text her mother during the kidnapping and alerted her to the situation. Once the mother called police, they were able to use the “Find My IPhone” application to track the phone. Ultimately police were able to locate her daughter who was still with the kidnapper at a Mcdonald’s restaurant in Milsburg.

Once they arrived on the scene cops arrested the man named Joseph Boller, who is now in police custody.

Article: CBSNews