When A 911 Call Was Made About A Baby’s Life In Jeopardy, This Officer Jumped Into Action!

A 10-day-old baby named Dana, who has a twin sister named Gisselle, was found not breathing by her mother, who immediately called 911. As the dispatcher was giving directions to her, police had arrived at the home; Officer Darin Behm immediately took action.

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According to Darin, the baby’s chest was not moving and her face had become red; they were running out of time.

“He opened her mouth and saw formula inside. He tilted her head and did a finger sweep to try to clear her airway, but that did not work. He asked for an aspirator, but there was none in the house. With the baby still struggling to get full breaths, PFC Behm placed his mouth over the baby’s nose and mouth and gently sucked until a large chunk of the formula – about the size of a dime with thick mucus – came out, clearing the infant’s windpipe.” reads the Facebook post of the Charles County Sheriff’s Office.

Once the formula was out, Dana began to breathe normally again, indicating that his quick thinking had been a success. She was then transferred to a local children’s hospital and stayed for several hours until doctors released her.

Dana’s mother is extremely grateful toward Darin, and his response is respectfully humble. “I’m glad I was able to help. It’s what we do.”

(Charles County Sheriff's Office/Facebook)

(Charles County Sheriff’s Office/Facebook)

Article: abc7NY