The 79-Year-Old Man Hadn’t Eaten In Two Days

When Mt. Pleasant Police Officers received word from dispatch that a 79-year-old elderly man had not eaten in two days they quickly sprang into action. A short time later, a group of officers showed up at his door with several bags full of groceries. Out of their own pockets, the officers pulled together $160 to make sure the man had enough food to last.

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“I think he was shocked at the amount of food that we bought and just the fact that it was there without question,” said Nathan Bolton. “We’re out here to take care of the public at large and that doesn’t always mean stopping a car. Sometimes it’s us doing little things like this.”

Pleasant Police Officers Charity Elderly Man Groceries

Image: ABC News 2

The elderly man, told reporters he appreciates everything they did to help him. Explaining, he didn’t have any money to buy food because a former caretaker stole his debit card last weekend. She had been arrested by the Mt. Pleasant Police Department Sunday night.

The city of Mt. Pleasant has begun keeping food donations to help when situations and needs like this come up in the future.

Article/ Video: ABC News 2