An officer was shot 3 times late Thursday night and will need multiple surgeries. An official told news outlets that the officer seems to be in high spirits and is recovering from his injuries. He was ambushed by a suspect claiming to be doing it in the name of Islam.

Richard Ross Jr, the new police commissioner stated that:

“He wasn’t just targeting a motorist driving down the street…..he was trying to assassinate this police officer.”

The shooter who was firing a stolen police handgun was apprehended after the officer injured him when he returned fire.

Ross also stated that when questioned, the suspect to detectives:

“confessed to committing this cowardly act in the name of Islam,”

We ask for prayers for the officer:

“Holy Lord,

we ask that you lay your healing hands over the officer that was wounded. We also ask that you comfort those that have fear instilled in their hearts. Many are left weighing heavy at the thought of what’s to come. Please protect your children Lord and give us the comfort to know that all is in your hands!


Source:  Washington Post