U.S Army Staff Sargeant Michael Ollis sacrificed his life for the life of a Polish soldier Lieutenant, Karol Cierpica.

At the age of 24, Ollis used his body to shield Cierpica from a suicide bomber in Afghanistan. Both men worked side by side during this particular mission.

Polish soldier saved by U.s soldier


Cierpica has no words to describe just how grateful he is to Ollis. He wishes he could bring Ollis back; but, knows that it’s impossible.  When Cierpica came back home to Poland, he witnessed the birth of his newborn son. He knew that the only reason he was holding his son was because Ollis had made the ultimate sacrifice. To honor Ollis and his sacrifice, Cierpica named his son after him.



Now when little Michael Cierpica snuggles next to his teddy bear made out of the uniform of this fallen hero, he’ll always have an angel, and his dad!

The Polish soldier didn’t stop there. He’s stayed in contact with Michael Ollis’s parents and consoled them during this very difficult time. The grieving parents now see Cierpica’s son as their own grandson. They stay well connected with the Polish family. They’ve also started a foundation to assist the grieving families of fallen soldiers like theirs.

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Source: Marissa Armstrong and Silive