“I Know That It Is An Existential And Moral Ordeal.”

Pope Francis has announced that during the upcoming Holy Year, beginning December 8, Roman Catholic priests will be allowed to forgive women of abortion if those women are “contrite”.
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Abortion is considered, by the Catholic church, to be one of the worst sins to commit. People who seek forgiveness of it are usually excommunicated unless they are granted forgiveness by senior church figures.
Rather than changing the doctrine, Pope Francis extends mercy toward those who genuinely covet forgiveness. He described the Holy Year as a way to promote amplitude and push churches forward as witnesses of mercy.

“The experience of mercy, indeed, becomes visible in the witness of concrete signs as Jesus himself taught us.”

The event will be applied only to Holy Year and become ineffective after November 20th of 2016, according to Deputy Vatican spokesman Ciro Benedettini.

New York residents were interviewed and asked to give their insight on the Pope’s announcement, which you can watch below. What impact do you think this decision will make in our society?

Article/Video: NBC News