Image: Vocativ

Image: Vocativ

The App Is Called “Instant Christ”

Donald Cyprian is the person behind this ingenious idea and has given God the glory of the idea to bring comfort to people using this prayer app.

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The Mercedes-Benz finance manager was looking for an opportunity to change the world in a positive way. It was in the following weeks later that he would find his calling. It happened in his office when a client brought up his faith to him, the two prayed together. In the following month, that same client told him he had a message from God.

“Donald, I was cleaning my house and the holy spirit spoke to me about you… He wants to connect the body of Christ worldwide through your hands and he wants a social media platform to be called Instant Christ.”– Donald’s client.

That is how the new Instant Christ app came to be. This social media caters to those with religious needs who are tired of being on all the mainstream social media trends.  Instant Christ is like Facebook, but more specifically to people of faith.

“Because it’s one thing to say I’m going to pray for you, but it’s another thing to be able to click the play button and actually hear someone pray for you.”

The app brings a unique use to the internet. It allows its users to make a prayer circle by individuals, friend networks. It is still awaiting new features like video sharing capabilities, so people can see you pray.  The main point, he says, is to offer instant support to those who need it. It is the first of its kind! Instant Christ provides a safe haven for the people who are too nervous to share their Christian faith publicly, as many Christians are ridiculed online for upholding their beliefs.

Article: Vocativ