What An Inspiring Story To Remind Us Of How Much Compassion Can Impact Us!

When 18-year-old Savannah Ward was attempting a U-turn, she didn’t notice a van heading her way and the two crashed into each other.

Roland Ipenburg, the other victim, couldn’t stop his van before it was too late. He noticed that something wasn’t right when he saw Savannah clutching her stomach; she blacked out on top of a witness who had rushed over to help. Then, she began to have premature contractions. Roland was not concerned for anything else other than Savannah and her baby’s well-being.

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She was rushed to Christchurch Hospital and stayed for approximately four hours. Her mother arrived and explained that the car Savannah drove when she crashed was uninsured, and they didn’t know how they’d be able to afford a new one. That’s when Roland called in and gave an incredible, shocking offer.

He would buy them a brand new car.

He explained that when he told his wife about the situation, they both decided that it would be best for Savannah and her baby. Savannah’s family was skeptical about the offer, despite speaking directly to each other.

On Tuesday, a 2002 Nissan Pulsar was delivered to their home by the Wheeler Motor Company.

Savannah had no idea how to thank the Ipenburg family, so she felt she could start by sharing the story.

“We’re not super wealthy, but we can sort of afford to do the things we actually want to do. I started off with humble beginnings and I know what it is like.” said Roland.

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