Preschooler Expelled After Parents Refusal For Permission To Participate In Same-Sex Education

Image: Denver Post

Image: Denver Post

According to the Denver Post, a private school in Colorado has expelled a 4-year-old student for the actions of the parents.

After the parents of a child attending Montview Community Preschool & Kindergarten in Denver raised questions and concerns the exploration of gender identities, they were treated as if they were an uncivilized family.

“I think at this age they don’t know what bias is. They could have kids from Mars and they would still play with each other,” mother of the child, R.B. Sinclair says, It’s not that she isn’t exposed to diversity, because it is the world we live in, but how are they having these conversations?”

Montview Community Preschool & Kindergarten follow an “antibias” curriculum by A Queer Endeavor.

A Queer Endeavor seeks partnerships with educators and school communities to make unworkable the silence that historically has surrounded topics of gender and sexual diversity in education,”

“A Queer Endeavor seeks to contribute to the knowledge base on gender and sexual diversity-affirming policies and practices in education, inform research and praxis, and engage in broad-based coalition building with a variety of community-based stakeholders,”

According to Queer Endeavor, their mission is to gear schools towards creating safer environments for the LGBTQ youth.

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This letter was sent to all parents, giving them an idea of the curriculum and stance by the school.

Image: Denver Post

Image: Denver Post

The school explained that the stories were part of the school’s anti-bias curriculum. They asserted that these stories and discussions are embedded through the day, and that it was not possible to opt out children from the lessons because of that. Since the Aurora girl’s parents refused to let their daughter sit through these lessons, she was ultimately asked to leave the private school.

Article: Denver Post