Single Mom’s Boy Was Fidgety When Professor Told Her That It Is “OK” For Him To Wander Around

In Nashville, Tennessee, a single mother who holds a 4.0 GPA did not want to miss class although she didn’t have a sitter.

“I was embarrassed. I had to swallow my pride and bring my kid to class,” Osbon tells News 2.

The DeVry University student, Amanda Osbon was in awe what her professor said when her baby boy was being restless. He told her that it was fine to let him wander the class.
Obson’s baby, who is almost two, walked up to the professor. The professor in turn picked up the boy and continued teaching. This left Obson in happy tears.

“That made me literally start crying. I broke down. My classmates started hugging me… He went up to my professor and put his little arms up like that and without missing a beat my professor picked him up and kept teaching, and it was amazing to see that.”

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Article/Video: WKRN