Dog Is Given A Second Chance Before It’s Too Late!



A puppy named Kristy was scheduled to be euthanized when a non-profit organization known as Vet Ranch saved her!

Prior to the rescue, Kristy suffered from multiple illnesses such as intestinal parasites, mange and a gruesome skin infection. However, once she was given a second chance, she went from being weak and frightened to a strong and fighting pup!

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“It only took a few days of attention for her to realize we were there to help and she turned into a puppy again!”  exclaimed Dr. Karri McCreary, who works for Vet Ranch.

The video by Vet Ranch shows Kristy from the moment they took care of her to the beautifully healthy creature she is now. Kristy is currently looking for a loving home.

Article: Huffington Post
Video: YouTube