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Puppy Pilot Training Flying Plane Reality Series Flight

Image: Youtube/ Sky News

“Without the right dogs, we’re dead,” says one of the trainers on a new UK reality show called “Dog’s Might Fly.” The show picks 12 dogs rescued from shelters to participate in a series of awesome challenges like doggy drum lessons, puppetry, and yes, even taking the controls as their human trainers risk their lives in puppy flight school.

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The show, which features “12 stray dogs, handpicked from rescue shelters across the UK, put through their paces in a series of unique challenges. Three finalists will graduate to flight school to try to prove that you can, in fact, teach an old dog a new trick.”

Flight School Dog Training Control Puppy Reality Show

Image: Youtube/ Sky News

“So how do you go about training a canine for aviation? “A dog is a ground-based quadruped, so they’re not designed for flying – just as humans aren’t,” says Mark Vette, the show’s animal psychologist. “There were some issues with dexterity: how would they manipulate the yoke and the controls, and how they would they sit up comfortably?”

“The Civil Aviation Authority was adamant that we minimise changes to the plane,” he says. “We went through some pretty challenging experimentation …”

The dogs on the show were judged on conconfidence, a strong ability to read human signals, problem solving and as one trainer calls it “the ability of the pooch to go the extra mile. That’s the kind of dog you want flying a plane.”

Article: TheGaurdian

Video: Sky News