Tipping The Scales

“We pushed and it was like there was no progress,” said Ashley Box, the lucky, or rather unlucky, new mother of an enormous baby boy named Kasen Michael. He weighed in at an unbelievable 12 pounds, 8 ounces — and measured a whopping 2 feet tall!

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Baby Born Big Tall Weigh 2 Foot Tall

Image: Ashley Box

“I couldn’t believe it,” Ashley told KHOU. The Missouri couple wasn’t expecting Kasen until Jan. 18, and the mother said she didn’t think the baby, her second child, would be larger than 10 pounds. The Grandfather, upon hearing the size of his Grandson immediately called the local news station to find out whether or not it was a World Record. Unfortunately for Kasen, he came in a couple inches short of that record. But regardless, “This is very rare,” the family Doctor, Barbara Wotherspoon said.

Baby Born Big 2 Foot Tall Child Kid

Image: Ashley Box

Large newborns aren’t new to the family, Kasen’s older brother Blake was also born abnormally large but 2 pounds lighter. At only 2 years old Blake is already wearing clothes for children at age 4. According to the children’s father Greg Box, when Blake first met his younger brother he “kissed him, said I love you,” and then said, “eat baby.” He must be a bit too young for chipotle.

Baby Born Big Child Kid 12 Pounds Tall 2 Foot

Image: Ashley Box

According to data from the state’s Department of Health and Senior Services, 1.4 percent of babies born in Missouri between 1990 and 2013 weighed more than 9.92 pounds.

Article: KHOU