A Rare Sight!

A kitten named Eyona has been named the “werewolf cat” after being discovered by an animal rescue group in South Africa. Eyona looked very different from his siblings, which caught the attention of the animal rescue group.

The rescue group, TEARS Animal Rescue’s Feral Cat Project, thought he may be a Devon Rex, or a Sphinx cat. However DNA results later ruled those possibilities out.

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It wasn’t until Dr. Johnny Gobble, a veterinarian from Sweetwater, Tennessee, and his wife labeled Eyona as a Lykoi. Lykoi kittens are a natural mutation of the domestic shorthair that resembles a werewolf.

“They tend to play and act more like a dog than other cats do,” Gobble said. “We even have seen them fetch and do tricks…they are independent cats that love attention from their people.”

Video: ABC News