Do You Have A “Strawberry Mark?” Here’s Where It Came From

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What happens to babies while they are in the uterus has an effect on the skin, including birthmarks.

There are two types of birthmarks: pigmented and vascular.

Birthmark examples

Image: Woman’s Day

Pigmented birthmarks like the ones shown above are caused by an increase in melanin in the area where it appears. Not much is known about these, but we do know that they raise no health concerns.

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The other type of birthmarks is vascular birthmarks, which are sometimes called “stork bites.” Like spider veins, stretching capillaries caused them. Almost half of infants are born with them, but they fade away within 18 months of birth.

Strawberry birthmark


A type of vascular birthmarks is infantile hemangiomas, those that resemble strawberries. These are the types that can actually cause health problems. They are little tumors in the cells that line blood vessels and can cause vision, hearing and even cognitive problems.

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