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They have been a favorite amongst school children for decades. The infamous “Snap-Bracelet,” originally called “Slap-Wrists,” were invented in the 80’s by a shop teacher, and quickly became a popular fad for grade schoolers around the world. Today, a whole new generation of children have discovered them, learning to love them in entirely new ways. They have increasingly grown in variety, from colors and styles to new textures and sizes. But when one mother noticed that her daughters “Snap-Bracelet” was beginning to come apart, they decided to see what made the little trinkets tick. After they began pulling apart the colorful fabric, everyone was shocked to find out what was actually inside.

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Snap Bracelet Measuring Tape Made Inside

Image: Liftbump

When opening the bracelet, the curious mother and daughter team stumbled upon something they had never expected. The snap-bracelets her daughters owned, were actually just made from recycled measuring tape.

Snap Bracelet Measuring Tape Discovery Mother Daughter

Image: Liftbump

The complete bracelet, they found was made from a total of 3 things: Fabric, a plastic covering, and a recycled strip of measuring tape with rounded edges.

Daughter Mother Snap Bracelet Made Recycled Measuring Tape

Image: Liftbump

Armed with this new-found knowledge, they decided they could make them at home, have a little fun, and save a few bucks in the process. Here’s a cute little girl showing us how we can all make them ourselves at home.

Article: Liftbump