A Smile Is Worth More Than A Thousand Words!

tumor on faceEthan D’Amato was born with a type of neurological disorder that has resulted in him having a life that can be considered anything but normal. He has tumors that have brown on the right side of his face that have been the main attraction to odd stares and pointing fingers. Ethan has been called names all his life, but that hasn’t held him back from giving back an amazing smile at those who meet him every day. tumor on face2

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Ethan suffers from Neurofibromatosis type one (NF-1), a neurological disorder that causes tumors along the nervous system and in Ethan’s case. It has caused disfiguring tumors across half of his face. What you can’t see under all those tumors is that Ethan is just a normal boy with the same dreams and hopes as any other boy.

“I get a lot of people staring at me and just looking at my face. That can get really annoying—I wish they wouldn’t do it.They frown at me and once a child pointed at me and called me a thing. I’m not a thing—I’m a human being.” – Ethantumor on face3

His father tells that Ethan handles the criticism with grace and maturity that you’d never see in any other 12-year-old boy.

When offered the chance to have surgery that would remove his disfiguring tumors, he quickly refused. Why? Because the procedure comes at a very high cost. The removal of such tumors would cause nerve damage that would be unable to be repaired. There is an extremely high risk that his ability to laugh and smile would be taken away.

“I just can’t take the risk of not being able to laugh or smile. I think I will wait until there is a robotic surgeon who won’t make any mistakes. Humans can be a bit shaky and may hit a nerve so I will have to wait.”tumor on face4

Article: Daily Mail