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Best friends are hard to find — and keep.

They are there with you through all the victories and struggles of life. And you think, “We are going to be best friends forever.”

But life happens − people move and move on.

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In the case of Elizabeth King, writer for Stuff.Co.Nz, her sister and best friend did just that.

Elizabeth’s sister moved from their home state of Minnesota to distant California. This left Elizabeth feeling abandoned and crushed. Those feelings remained as Elizabeth move to Chicago for college.

The sisters found themselves thousands of miles apart and completely out of touch.

Elizabeth credits a quick text message as the step to collapse the walls of her harbored emotions.

Something so simple was able to tear down walls of miscommunication and resentment.

Maybe you are going through something similar to Elizabeth’s situation, this is your sign to send that text message or make that call you have been avoiding.

Now is the time to tear down those walls of bitterness. Don’t wait another day.

Or maybe you’re going through that friendship breakup, and you feel abandoned and crushed. You have to remember that makes everything work together for our good.

There is time for everything as Ecclesiastes 3 tells us. Sometimes He needs to separate people so He can work on them individually.

One thing I have learned is that sometimes friendships are seasonal. God brings a best friend to your life for a season to fulfill a specific purpose. When that purpose is fulfilled, they leave.

So we learn, people come and go, but God is always there.

Lean on Him. He will always be your best friend forever.

Source: Stuff.Co.Nz