A Puppy Who Ran From Home At 3 Months Old Is Now With His Family Again After 9 Years!

10-year-old Boozer, a boxer mix, was dropped off at an animal shelter in Colorado because his owners had no time to keep him anymore. When Boozer’s microchip was scanned by the staff, they found the original family who first owned the dog when he was just a puppy. That’s when they set out to contact the owners in an attempt to reunite them.

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One day, the Goldston family received an email with photos of a fully grown boxer and immediately knew it was Boozer—their missing puppy who ran away from home at 3 months old. Without hesitation, they took a trip from their residence in Alabama all the way to Colorado; it was an approximate 18-hour journey, and we’d like to say that it was worth it.

Watch their amazing reunion here!

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Article/Video: WSFA