Why Didn’t I Think Of This? After Remaining Unchanged For Thousands Of Years, Someone Finally Reinvented The Scissors!

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Some household tools you just can’t live without. There are many common everyday items have remained completely unchanged since the day they were first invented. But every once in a while a new version or adaptation comes along that completely redefines or even replaces the way we use them. One of these useful, everyday tools that we simply can’t live without are, the scissors- and someone just made a few adjustments to them that may change the way they are used, forever.

Shane Vermette, is the CEO of a new startup with some pretty lofty goals. His claim is that he has reinvented an item that we use daily, and for many different things. To this day, the scissors haven’t really been modified much at all. Vermette’s company called “Right Shears,” aims to change that. His product is a updated and modified design to the standard scissor.

The concept is that instead of the handle being symmetrical with the blades, “Right Shears” places the handle above the blades, and the result according to Vermette, is “massively improved ergonomics.” He, along with his company, believe that the improvement has so much potential that it will replace the millions of pairs of scissors in people’s homes, businesses, warehouses, and drawers.

He told the Daily Dot, “I can’t even use a regular pair of scissors anymore without thinking how poor my hand configuration is and how uncomfortable it feels.” Along with improving how the tool works, he also says his product is safer than regular scissors, and he has bet his company on their success.

The scissors allow those with arthritis actually use them with ease and allows others to cut thick cardboard without your hand having to be in the cutting path.

What do you think? Will Vermette’s new scissor design catch on? Let us know in the comments.

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Article: Daily Dot
Video: Right Shears