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Rocko Jessica Dog Stands Tall Book Of Records Big Dog

Image: Daily Mail

Rocko is a towering mule of a mutt. At 167 pounds, and standing over 7 feet tall on his hind legs, the Great Dane has dwarfed much of his competition in terms of being the tallest living dog.

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When owners Jessica Williams and Nick Helms got Rocko, he was only 8 weeks old and already at the size of a teenaged Labrador. Nick remembers early on, “He was so big we were like – oh my G–, is he half Dane or half pony? We couldn’t believe it.”

Rocko Puppy Largest Dog World Record

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Now at almost 2-years-old, Rocko, can easily eat over 8 cups of food per day. When he is thirsty, he simply reaches over and drinks from the kitchen sink. Nick and Jessica admit, it isn’t such an easy task keeping after a dog this large. It doesn’t make for an ideal situation, especially in a city like Reno Nevada, where the three share a modest 2 bedroom apartment.

Rocko Dog Drinks Sink Tallest Largest Big World

Image: Daily Mail

There have been times of questioning whether they made the right decision taking Rocko in, Jessica, who has “already suffered a black eye when Rocko accidentally head-butted her.” The cramped apartment means that “the couple are regularly ‘whipped’ by the canine’s enormous tail.”

Rocko Dog Sits Tallest Record World Big

Image: Daily Mail

‘The worse part is little kids,’ Jessica explains, “when people are crossing the road to avoid us, they’re grabbing their kids – like he’s going to eat them or something.”

Still they say they wouldn’t trade Rocko for the world telling Daily Mail, “He sits on my lap a lot – everyone who comes to our house is fair game for lap sits. He’s a big softie, he’ll cry at the TV if another animal is getting hurt, I think he’s more emotionally connected than most dogs.”

At only 2-years-old Rocko has a lot of growing still to do, the pair is confident he will take the Guinness Book of World Records title when he reaches full size. The last tallest dog in the World lived in Michigan and died in 2014. He was literally the size of an average donkey.

Article: Daily Mail

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