These DIY Hacks Will Make Your Home Safer For Your Kids!

Growing up, kids will get into all sorts of trouble. Our job is to help reduce those troubles, and that stress on your shoulders!

1. Teeth guards
DIY Protecting

Image: Jane Marie Blog

Does your little one like to pretend he’s a little alligator? You can stop your little biter from destroying the crib and their teeth by setting up a DIY crib teething guard. Any soft cloth will do!

2. Fireplace guards
DIY Home protecting

Image: Sassy Wife, Classy Life

Open fireplaces can be a big hazard for babies and kids. This genius idea not only protects your kids, but also provides them an outlet to let their imagination soar!

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3. Door Latch – hair ties to the rescue!
DIY Home protecting

Image: MomDot

Keeping cabinets latched together has never been so easy! You can keep cupboard doors latched together with just a hair tie, no need to go out and buy a door-latch.

4. The toilet paper train.
DIY Home protecting

Image: The Life of CK and Nate

Toilet paper rolls can be a blast to some kids, that’s why you need to prevent a huge mess!

5. Vent Covers
DIY Home protecting

Image: BabyToolKit

Kids like to drop things into air vent openings, it’s no secret! By covering the vent with tulle, you’ll be able to prevent that from happening, and the air will still come out.

6. For when you really need them to stay put!
DIY Home protecting

Image: Giddy Upcycled

By sewing a piece of cloth to both legs of their onesies, you’ll be able to have them stay put!

7. DIY Sock grips.
DIY Home protecting

Image: I Am A Momma Hear Me Roar

You can make your own grippy socks with your kids, make it an art project!

8. Keep them from escaping out into danger.
DIY Home protecting

Image: Crista Manion Thompson

Cut a hole in the lid of a plastic container the size of your door knob and then put it on the door knob.

9. Bind the blind cords!
DIY Home protecting

Image: Babyhaven

Tie those suckers up so that the little troublemakers can’t cause a catastrophe!

10. Using a pool noodle as a door stop.
DIY Home protecting

Image: Red Delicious Life

You can prevent some serious pinching, or even a serious injury by using a pool noodle as a door stop, one that they can’t reach!

Article: Diply