Inspirational Talents

Alexey Romanov, is a 16-year-old pianist from Russia with an incredibly inspiring story. At an early age, Alex suffered a debilitating illness that took both his fingers and hands. On top of that he was in foster care up until 2-years ago when he was finally adopted, but despite enduring such hardship in life, Alexey never gave up. He never allowed his situation to dictate his future, and today he has become a celebrated musician.

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Early in his life, Alexey began learning how to play the piano after his friends taught him how to read sheet music. He “fell in love with Mozart and Vivaldi” while learning to play the piano. He dedicated his time to his music and soon a thrilling performance at the “La Primavera chamber orchestra from Kazan, he was invited to join a music school for children with disabilities in the Tatarstan capital” where he continues to develop his skill.

Alexey has since been featured on television programs and has earned awards and recognition for his talents around the world.

Article: Goodnewsnetwork

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