Reunited And It Feels So Good

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When the heartless ex-owner of this mother dog and her litter of puppies, decided they would keep the pups and simply ditched the mother off at the vet- the sadness she so visibly carried from being split apart from her babies was unmistakable. All day, she would stay cooped in the corner, and refused to leave it, even for a second. She was clearly heartbroken and know one knew what to do, until one of the vets tending to her had an idea. What they did next will melt your heart.

Thanks to the work of the Marin Humane Society in California they were actually able to track down the mother dogs litter of puppies and reunite them right there in the corner. Her spirit leaps inside of her and does a 360 as one by one, she smells that familiar scent of her precious puppies. Amazingly, they are back to being a happy and rambunxious family once again.

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Video: TheSun