Satanist is converted to Christianity after he curses God!

John Ramirez grew up in a family where a lot of his relatives practiced Santería, a religion of witches and warlocks. He grew up with a verbally and physically abusive father, that beat his mother. John always longed for his dad’s attention—especially his approval and love; but instead, he dealt with his strict rules and constant anger.  Never being able to please him.

Since his mom also practiced, one day she took him to a tarot card reader, who told her that John would become blind unless they performed a ritual. They called many demons to ward off his bleak future; yet he states that his entire personality and demeanor changed, from that day forward.

He was eventually taught and trained to commit gruesome acts from and for the dark side.  He would go to funerals and pretend as though he knew the deceased in order to buy their souls or would go to accident scenes in order to retrieve human blood. He killed countless animals. He eventually became powerful and respected by other members.

One day, his father was murdered and John saw it as an answer to his desires. He had asked God to show up . . . to relieve him of his despair, during the abusive years, but He did not, according to John’s take. However, Satan did. He felt as though the enemy of our soul was now the father that he never had.

He would go to the devil’s playground, the night clubs, and would prey on “Christians”, in hopes of delivering other souls to the dark side.

With time, he became a high priest but noticed that when he would go preying on souls, that his powers were weak around those that truly had a Christian walk or those that prayed.

He met a young lady that he liked and was introduced to her parents.  He eventually went to church with her. He thought that the Christians were interesting, but he kept his lifestyle secret from her. One day, however, he visited the church and went to the altar, picked up the pastor from his neck and committed to the demons to fall upon him. Suddenly the church arose and prayed and he was set free by the demons, when he called out to Jesus.

When he went home, he realized that he needed to do something, so he planned on committing suicide and cursed God.

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Video:  ScreenMonkeyMan