Inexcusable Absence

“Sutton at Hone,” a Primary School in Datford England, has been working to reduce absences and attendance amongst students. When a 5-year-old boy named Ozzie, spent several weeks out of school; disciplinary action seemed the most reasonable response. What the school did not consider, however, was the reason for Ozzie’s absence.

Ozzie had been hit by a car causing him to spend 9-days hospitalized with serious injuries.

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Image: Tumbler/ Ozzie and Faye

Due the absence Ozzie was punished by the school, and he was banned from attending the end of term cinema trip.

Once the school found out about the cause for Ozzie’s poor attendance they acknowledged, “We sympathize with Ozzie’s situation, but are adamant still that no exceptions will be made.

Ozzie’s mother, Faye, flabbergasted at their response said: “He is only five, and he looks at it like he has been naughty and he is being punished. I have been trying to explain it was not his fault he got run over.”

Ozzie now has a large scar on his hand as a daily reminder of the situation. “He has been through hell and then for them to say that he can’t go and watch a movie is a little bit unfair,” His Mother added.

In a statement by Leah Goulding, head teacher of Sutton at Hone Primary School, she stated: ‘We introduced an incentive program to improve pupils’ attendance, which previously was lower than the acceptable level, putting us in the bottom 10% in the country.

The policy was first introduced after several head teachers advised that the incentivized attendance program generally works well.

“This is a very unfortunate situation, and I do feel for Ozzie. However, it is not practical to start making exceptions to the rules. We suspect it would result in appeals from other parents as well and everyone would have a reason why we should excuse their children’s absences.”

Be that as it may, sometimes in life there are situations that actually are beyond our complete control, and for this school they should review their procedures and policies in those types of event.

We are rooting for Ozzie that his school will do the right thing.

Article: Tumbler/ nreily1