“If you are dropping off your son’s forgotten lunch, books, homework, equipment, etc., please TURN AROUND and exit the building. Your son will learn to problem-solve in your absence.”

School sign raises controversy

Image: Catholic High School for Boys

That is what read a sign that was posted outside of a Catholic school in Arkansas, it has gathered much controversy ever since its posting.

Since being posted on Aug. 10, the post has been shared more than 115,000 times and has received a mix of reactions on social media.

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Kids won’t learn on an empty stomach. If a parent is willing to bring their child materials or food and pay you a hefty chunk of tuition change, stop talking,” one comment reads.

“What an idiotic thing to say,” another person wrote. “If they were ready to problem solve by themselves, they would no longer be in high school. Stop expecting children to be adults.”

Others applauded the message that it was sending the parents: “Reading how some parents complained about this statement and seeing the kids in school. No wonder kids are the way they are, irresponsible!”

Was this an appropriate measure that the school is taking?

Article: FoxLA