The Second Of Two Fatal Campus Shootings Has Claimed At Least One Life

At least two more people were shot just hours after the tragic and fall shooting at Northern Arizona University. This shooting occurred at Texas Southern University in Houston, Texas. The shooting occurred in one of the housing complexes.

Authorities have disclosed that at least one of the victims has passed away from injuries while the killer is still at large, and the campus remains on lockdown.

The spokesperson for the University, Eva Pickens sent a statement to the Washington Post:

“Texas Southern University has announced the campus is on lockdown following a shooting incident just moments ago. Early reports indicate two shot – conditions not known right now. The assailant is still at large. All staff are asked to remain in offices – students to remain in classrooms until  further notice.

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With another two tragedies happening within hours of each other, we have to sadly once again ask for prayers for the victims and their families.

“Holy Lord,

We must come once again to you and ask that you lay a hedge of protection and comfort over the victims and their families. We ask that you grant everyone the peace of mind that everything is in your hands and that you will blanket them in your grace and mercy. Please Lord, help the authorities find the person responsible for the shooting and bring an end to all of the fear that is rooting itself both in the community and our country.


Source:  Yahoo! News