Land of the Free

During a visit to a small town memorial in North Carolina, 2 disgruntled security guards gave a group of patriotic middle school kids, a lesson?  After approaching the group of teenagers singing the “Star Spangled Banner” together, the guards decided it was a good time to remind us all that we are no longer free, in “land of the free.” I never thought I would see the day when the National Anthem was all but banned from the public square in America. We are truly in a sad state of affairs.

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Waynesville Middle School music teacher, Martha Brown, said the guards approached aggressively saying,“You have to stop. This is considered a public demonstration!” she told the NY Post. “Some of the students were very upset and confused. I told the children, ‘This is a place where you need to respect authority even if you don’t understand it,’ ” she said.

The students were on the final leg of their visit to New York when they had planned on capping their trip with a visit to the 9-11 Memorial. According to their teacher, “The kids were so touched by Ground Zero, they asked to honor the site the best way they knew how.”

The Gestapo-like guards quickly stopped the honorable display of patriotism telling the group they needed a permit to show a public respect to our country in song. Brown says, “Singing was their way of paying respect, [and] they were doing it very reverently.”

“A spokesperson for the Memorial admitted that the situation was mishandled saying, “The guard did not respond appropriately,” she said. “We are working with our security staff to ensure that this does not happen again with future student performances.”

Article: NY Post

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