Special Surprise

Selena Gomez fans in Los Angeles got an unexpected surprise from the singer on February 25th, when she unexpectedly got on stage during a Hillsong Young & Free concert to sing her own personal song about her relationship with Christ. During the unannounced appearance at the Belasco Theater, Selena opened up about the special relationship they share and expressed her love for him through her own expression of worship through song. (Continued Below)

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Selena Gomez Surprises Concert Goers During Hillsong Young Free Show Christ God Glory

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During the event, she told reporters from News Busters “Tonight is more than a concert, it’s more than Hillsong, it’s more than me coming on stage and singing a song for you. It’s about a relationship that is greater than anything, guaranteed. She added “I wrote this song about the one thing that holds it all together for me even when I can’t bear to do it myself.”

The song she sang at the show called “Nobody” was from her 2015 album she created in collaboration with Hillsong Young & Free.

With so many negative influences in music, it makes me happy that there are still a few artists willing to express their love for God in a way that can really touch the young peoples hearts.

Article: Gospel Herald