We Need More People Like Hagarty!

Sergeant B. Hagarty was sitting in a Lakeview Chipotle last friday and was captured doing a wonderful act. What he did when he saw a young man rummaging through the dumpster outside is simply remarkable.

Rachel Mitchell, the woman who captured the photos says,

“The cop knocked on the window, getting the homeless man’s attention. Through the glass he asked the man if he was hungry. The man nodded yes, and the cop motioned for him to come inside. The cop told him to set what belongings he had next to him and told him to order what he wanted because he would pay for it. They stood in line together and at the end the cop paid for the man’s meal. A simple hand shake was exchanged between them and they parted ways like it was no big deal.”
The whole event was reposted on the Chicago Police Department’s Facebook Page on Saturday which included Seargant B. Hagarty’s side of the story.

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 3.16.51 PM

(Chicago Police Department)

“He did not think he had done anything out of the ordinary. He did not want to brag about what he had done. As he walked out a young lady approached him and told him that he had made her day…
Sergeant Hagarty will retire before the end of the year and will be missed.”

The department is proud of Hagarty’s kind action and his ability to “lead by example”
We are proud too! Please share this wonderful story! <3
Article: Chicago Police Department’s Facebook Page