Server Of Kindness

Alex Ruiz, a server at a restaurant called Cinco de Mayo restaurant in Douglasville, Georgia, showed a grace and kindness that is not found every day. A customer who is a regular at the restaurant captured it all on camera. The customer posted the picture of the kind act to Facebook and almost immediately it started to receiving some serious attention.

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Server kindness

Image: Reginal Widener

The customer described the scene:

So I’m at Cinco de mayo and Alex (server) had a man come in with no hands. So Alex is now helping the man eat his lunch. This seriously hit me right in the soul. Still good ppl in the world

Ruiz explained why he did it, saying, “I saw a man who needed help. I did what I thought was right.”
The customer, who had no hands, went into the restaurant. He needed some assistance, and Ruiz did not hesitate in helping the man. They had small talk, and the two became quick friends.

“It makes me very happy to help people,” Ruiz said.

Article: CNN