Image: Eugene Finney

Image: Eugene Finney

Run In With Shark Saves A Man’s Life

Image: Eugene Finney

Image: Eugene Finney

Eugene Finney, from Finchburg, Massachusetts, did not know that the vicious attack that would endanger his life would also be the one to save it.

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Eugene was swimming with his daughter off the California coast when a shark surprised him with a sneak attack to his back. The was over before they knew it, and the shark left them alone, with nothing but a couple of bruises and a large gash on his back to remember him by.

shark attack3

Image: Eugene Finney

Eugene took a visit to St Elizabeth’s Medical Centre to see what there could be done about his chest and back pains. The doctors pointed out that the pains were caused by the blunt force trauma he had suffered days earlier. However, the doctors found something in his body with that was more troubling.

I got a message from Mother Nature. That’s what started this series of events that brought me to the hospital to let me know about this. Otherwise I would never have gone in, and they wouldn’t have caught it.

The cancer that was barely beginning to multiply was found extremely early. With a couple of treatments, Eugene finds himself cancer-free, all thanks to a little gentle shove from a shark.

Article: Washington Post