Toddler Twins Die Inside An Excessively Hot Truck In Louisiana

twin toddlers die in truck

Image: KTBS-TV

Twins were found dead inside a hot pick-up truck in Bossier City, La., on Saturday. They had been inside the vehicle for at least two hours, which was more than enough time to suffocate them in high temperatures.

Investigators are still trying to figure out how they got inside. The autopsies performed on the 3-year-old twins Oliver and Aria Orr show that the main cause of death was heat-related.

The children’s father is a deputy with the Bossier Sheriff’s Office. According to the mother, she had laid down but only to wake up to her missing children.

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She then went to the neighbors to ask if they had seen her kids. They were later found in the truck outside their home.

“You can only imagine what the family’s going through, the extended family, the first responders having to deal with a situation like this. It’s tough. A lot of our first responders have children, children this age,” said Mark Natale, Bossier City Police Department.

Detectives are to meet with the district attorney to decide what’s next for the case. Our prayers are with the Orr family. We also pray that parents become more aware of where their children wander off to, especially in this heat.

Article: ABC 30