Sheriff’s Deputies Rescue An Elderly Dog From Frozen Creek

He was old, and had lived a full life, “maybe he went off to die.” That is what the family had hoped when their 15-Year-Old elderly Poodle Mix left the yard last Friday evening. Their Orion Township home is in the midst of woods and wetlands, which can be a dangerous and unforgiving place; especially for an elderly and impaired dog.

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Elderly Dog Trapped Frozen Creek Rescued Sheriff Deputies

Image: LifeWithDogs

Rocky was blind, hard of hearing, and in the throws of dementia. Death was certainly on the horizon for him, and the Family had been preparing for a while for the loss. Rocky’s owner, Janet Lane, had been getting over with a cold that evening when she realised he had gone missing.

The dog was familiar with the routine. Rocky is let out to do his business, and he comes back inside as usual. This time, however, it was a little different. After being let outside, Rocky never came back. Soon as she noticed he was taking longer than usual, she grabbed her flashlight and began searching for him.

Thinking nothing of it, at first, knowing he was barely able to climb the steps of their family room leading into the kitchen, he couldn’t have gone very far. That was their assumption at least. They started checking around the property, the creek nearby was a concern, but still they could find no sign of him. They began to worry but remained hopeful he would return to them safe.

Finally, one of the neighbors made a call to the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office and reported hearing an animal in distress – word got back to the family shortly after, they found Rocky! When deputies located the little guy, he was hypothermic and trapped in an unfrozen section of the very same creek bed that lined the property.

At first, they thought he might have been dead. After performing chest compressions, slowly they began to notice signs of life. The neighbor that called about the noises came down to the creek with blankets, and together they attempted to get the dog warm. After several minutes, they were able to successfully resuscitate Rocky.

“Oh my, It was great,” Lane said of the euphoriant phone call.  “We had really given up all hope. It’s definitely a great ending. Who wants to die out by themselves?”

Once they got Rocky back home, Janet and her husband Jim wrapped him in a towel and used the blow-dryer to warm him up.  They gave him a bit of water and showered him with love and attention. The next day they took Rocky to a vet, and besides his general health issues- he was doing fine.

Today Rocky is back home with the family, and though walking is still a bit of a challenge, he tries to totter around the house as much as he can. “He’s a tough old guy,” Lane said.

Article: Lifewithdogs