Simone Biles’ Mother Reacts To The Many Accusations Done By The Media

Simone Biles' biological mother

Image: Getty/NBC Olympics

At just 19 years of age, Simone Biles is already the most decorated gold medalist in world championship gymnastics history, making her one of America’s sweethearts. Despite her many accomplishments, her personal story is one of love, hope,  and determination.

When Simone was just 2, she and her sister Adria who was 6 months, were put into foster care, since her biological mother Shanon suffered from substance abuse, and unfortunately was unable to take care of them, according to Ron Biles, Shanon’s father and biological grandfather to the girls.

Mr. Biles states that he and his wife adopted their granddaughters, but have raised them as their own daughters, and Simone does consider them her parents.

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Shanon Biles, however, does not like the negative attention that she has received, laying the blame at the feet of her father.

She states, “I feel like they are defaming my character because I know what happened. I was struggling back then but I’ve gotten better. Life goes on.”

She also indicated that she and her daughter have reconciled and spoke to one another briefly, from time to time. They have traveled together or meet up and events, as well.

She proudly proclaimed, “I just want to say I love you Simone! I’m so proud of you! Go Team USA and I’ll talk to you and see you when I can!”

Most of us have endured life’s trials that sometimes take us through paths that we never imagined that we would face. Thankfully, God’s grace allows us to redeem ourselves when we fall short in life. So, learning to humble oneself, ask for forgiveness and be willing to grant forgiveness as well, will allow relationships to flourish to what God intends for us to have.

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