A five-year-old boy has tears running down his face after telling the story of how his quick thinking saved his father’s life.

“I saw a tree hit him and I runned out there and I helped him turn the tractor off,” Xander told WAVE3 NEWS.

His dad was on a tractor, when a tree limb knocked him out.

“About 6-8 inches around, about eight foot long, dead piece fell out, hit me in the head,” said James McPheeters, Xander’s father. “He come down there ’cause he sees the tractor’s up against a tree just sittin’ there spinning and he couldn’t really see me ’cause I was out.”

“He was bleeding, his head was cut open,” Xander said.

“He had blood all on him, they said,” said James McPheeters. “He realized it was more than he can handle.”

After turning the tractor off, the courageous little boy ran to get help.

“He’s very smart and got a big heart,” James McPheeters said of his son. “He knows that it was a bad situation.”


This young man heroic actions saved his father’s life. James, the proud dad spent a week in hospital and six months in therapy – but was out in time to see his son awarded the Hobies Heroes Award, an award given to young people who perform heroic deeds.

Xander was also the youngest person to receive the award.

“I helped him, I love him,” he told local media.