Mother Calls Authorities When She Learns Of A Violent Snapchat At Her Daughter’s Daycare

Summerville mom, Asia Ifield, is furious after seeing a Snapchat video made by the daycare worker that takes care of her daughter. The video was captioned with “Ima kill this damn girl”. One of the workers at the Life Christian Child Development Daycare Center shared the Snapchat, which got around to the mother eventually.

“Just videotaping a baby, making fun of a baby, like that’s funny, it’s not. Not funny at all. She had snot running all down her nose, down her mouth. Snot is going all the way down her mouth and she’s not doing anything about it. She’s probably swallowing her own snot.” – Ifield explains.

“I had a lot of rage going through my mind, I had a lot of anger, but, you know, I’m not going to go and be belligerent. I’m not going to go and be crazy. I’m going to do it the right way, the legal way. So I can actually get the justice for my daughter.”

Ifield has gone to the local authorities and is spreading the word about what really happens in this “Christian” day care.

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