We Pray That God Be With The People Of Southern California

As each and every resident in the Southern California region woke up to their regular daily routine, an earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 4.5 shook the state.

The U.S. Geological Survey says the quake occurred at 6:42 a.m. Wednesday. The earthquake originated 2 miles north of Banning, which is 85 miles east of Los Angeles.

Riverside County sheriffs say that the region was indeed felt but there have been no immediate calls about damage or injury.

Just recently, there have been other reports of masssive earthquakes. As we reported earlier this week, India had a 6.7 earthquake that shook it’s very core and left 4 dead and 1 hundred injured.

This video made by professionals from Harvard University previews a catastrophic earthquake called “The Big One”. This is an earthquake that will strike all of Southern California, and this will be showing the estimated effects on areas.

Might this be a start of a future catastrophe? Let us pray to God that he may take care of his flock residing in Southern California, AMEN!

Article: ABC News