News Man Reunites With 1st Grade Teacher


Retired Kindergarten Teacher Recognizes One Of Her Students 30 Years Later On TV!

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One can never truly know how far one’s actions go. Mrs. Schik, a now retired kindergarten teacher, is well aware how one’s actions can deeply impact the lives of others.

In the 1940’s, Lorly Schik began her long career as a teacher in the Perham school district of Minnesota. Her students loved her unwavering guidance! Students such as Cory Hepola, who never forgot about his beloved kindergarten teacher.

One day, Mrs. Schik turned on the local news channel in St. Paul, Minnesota, KARE 11 Sunrise. The news anchor happened to be one of her kids from decades ago, and she still recognized him! It’s a reunion of the ages…

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Video: USA Today