Star Trek Actor Dies At Age 27 From Freak Accident

It is with heavy hearts that we regret to inform you that Anton Yelchin, the Star Trek star, has just died at age 27.

His publicist confirmed that the Russian-born actor was found dead at his Los Angeles home.

Yelchin was found by a friend on his driveway. He had been hit by his own car as it rolled down the driveway in what seems like a freak accident. His body was found near his car and the mailbox while the vehicle’s engine was still running.

Yelchin was an up-and-coming actor that was best known for his role as Chekov in the new “Star Trek” movie.

Yelchin’s career began when he was just a child taking small roles in independent films and TV shows like “ER,” ”The Practice,” and “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” His first big-screen role was in “Hearts in Atlantis.”

Some of his co-workers described his death as it being ‘felt throughout the industry’. Yelchin was truly the jack of all trades in Hollywood. He could do big sci-fi franchises and vocal work in “The Smurfs,” while also being able to play serious roles like in Jim Jarmusch’s vampire film “Only Lovers Left Alive” and Jeremy Saulnier’s horror thriller “Green Room.”

ABC reports,
“Yelchin, an only child, was born in Russia. His parents were professional figure skaters who moved the family to the United States when Yelchin was a baby. He briefly flirted with skating lessons, too, before discovering that he wasn’t very skilled on the ice. That led him to acting class.”

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Article/Video: Abc News