Step Mother Has Been Arrested For Putting Her Step Son’s Legs In Blistering Hot Water

Ohio police have arrested Anna Ritchie, a 25-year-old mom whose 4-year-old stepson died Wednesday after she allegedly placed his legs in scalding hot water as punishment.

The heinous crime occurred in Franklin, Ohio, when she decided to discipline the boy before putting him to bed. Police say the boy stopped breathing during the night and was found dead in the morning. The unnamed boy was confirmed dead shortly after transporting him to an emergency room.

The boy’s legs were dunked in the boiling water for an unknown amount of time, and his cause of death is yet to be determined properly by an autopsy.

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The reason for punishment has not yet been released to the press. But Ritchie is detained and is awaiting more possible charges depending on the boy’s autopsy.

We pray that God looks after the boy’s soul, for he has no fault in the heinous things that his step mother did to him.

Video: Global News