Steve Harvey Makes A Mother Cry Tears Of Joy

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On the Steve Harvey show during his January birthday special, he, along with special guest–rapper TI, decided they wanted to do something special for someone deserving. That special someone happened to be struggling mother of four, Natasha. Natasha’s story begins last year when her youngest son came down with a terrible case of asthma. She found him laying on the ground covered in blood.

Forced to take some time off of work to tend to the ailing boy, she got word that she would no longer be needed her at work. After losing her job, the tough times continued as she became unable to afford the rent payments on her family home. Not being able to pay her rent,  she and her children were evicted from the home leaving them with nowhere to go. Still reeling from the loss of their house, her car was repossessed shortly after that. Now without neither a home or car, she was forced to make one of the toughest decisions of her lifetime -to separate the children, each having to move in with different family members. To top it off, she was attacked by someone after taking the bus. The ill-fated domino effect left her broke and in a terrible state of depression.

Now with neither a home or a car, she was facing one of the toughest decisions of her lifetime- to separate the children and have each of them move in with a different family member. To top it all off, one day while walking back from the bus she was attacked by someone that attempted to rape her, though she luckily was able to fend him off. The ill-fated domino effect for the family left Natasha broke, broken, and in a terrible state of depression.

Today, however, Steve Harvey had a special surprise for Natasha.  All four of her kids rushed onto the stage reuniting with their mother for the first time in over a year. He and TI then went on to gift the family with a $10,000 prepaid Green Dot gift card to help the family with whatever they needed. That was only the beginning of the goodwill, because he also gave the family a check for $15,000 courtesy of to use towards the families future rent bills.

With all the wonderful charity going on, Wade Ford, in Atlanta Georgia, decided to also get in on the giving and gifted the family with a brand new Ford Focus. The family sat stunned at the generosity, crying tears of joy as they thanked everyone for caring.

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