The Reunion Left Everyone In Tears!

It was almost 2-years ago when a man named Jose, from Columbus Wisconsin, first fell upon tough financially times. He lost his home, and with that, became homeless along with his dog, named Chaos. Chaos, has always been one of the main things that kept him going. As Jose recalls, “Chaos helped me through so much in my life, I took him everywhere with me!”

Chaos earned his name by being a very large dog with a lot of energy. Dogs like that really need enough space to be able to move around, so Jose knew that he needed to find a better temporary living situation for his furry best friend. An acquaintance of Jose’s offered to take his dog until he was able to get himself back on his feet. It took him 3-months, but Jose was finally able to do it. He got into a much better living situation and with that, tried reaching out to bring his beloved dog home.

Sadly, when Jose began to try to contact the man that was caring for the dog he got a response he wasn’t expecting to hear. When he refused to give the dog back, Jose was completely heartbroken. “I didn’t think I would ever see my dog again,” Jose said.

After several odd coincidences, Jose was contacted by a Winnebago County Services staff that his dog was indeed at a facility waiting for him. They were able to contact Jose because Chaos was chipped, and Jose’s contact information had not changed. The reunion was so tear-jerking!

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Video: Winnebago County Animal Services