If She Would Have Lifted The Baby’s Head In Any Way, He Would Not Have Survived

Brandy's recovery

Image: Killian Gonzalez.

4-year-old Killian Gonzalez survived an accident so bizarre that is rarely heard of. Killian had been “clinically decapitated” in a car accident in Idaho but survived after a rescuer resisted the urge to pick up and cradle the distressed child. Instead, the rescuer held his head in place for half an hour. This action is most likely what saved his life, doctors later said.

A hailstorm on State Highway 51 was ravaging the road, and Killian’s mother, Brandy Gonzalez, was on her way home to Nevada after attending a birthday celebration. Her car skidded into a lane of oncoming traffic where she eventually collided with another vehicle.

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“The last thing I remember is looking back at my baby,” she told a local television station, KBOI.

Killian’s skull was separated from his spine, and had a ruptured spleen and broken ribs and arms. His mother suffered broken arms and legs.

Brandy's recovery

Image: Killian Gonzalez.

Leah Woodward and her husband, Joel Woodward, an officer with the Nampa, Idaho, Police Department, were on their way home from a camping trip when they saw the horrific scene. They immediately stopped to help.

“We could hear a kid screaming, a little baby screaming,” she told the television station.

Ms. Woodward sat the boy upright and held his head in place, she knew she just had to do this.

“Inside, I am panicking, and I am thinking, ‘I don’t know what I am doing.’ Thank God Joel knew what was needed because it definitely saved his life on that day.”

The name ‘clinical/internal decapitation’ is a term for an injury known to surgeons as occipital-cervical dislocation. It takes place when ligaments, muscles and joints that connect the base of the skull to the top of the spine are damaged.

Article: MSN