Student Was Asked To Undress In Order To Determine The Appropriateness Of Her Outfit

Hernando senior, Tessa Wisloh is asking for changes to the school’s dress code, after she was written up for “violating” the school’s policy. She was wearing a sleeveless top, under a zip-up jacket, but was conscious of her jacket not slipping off her shoulders.

Sleeveless tops are banned, according to the school district, but when an ABC News’ reporter looked further into it, she did not see any indication of that, in the Code of Conduct; so she asked an author of the policy, what the facts were, and was told that sleeveless tops are allowed, as long as the arms are completely covered with another article of clothing. Tessa thought that since she was wearing something over her top, that she was complying with the rules. Apparently, even the administrators are confused as to what is appropriate and what is not; so she suggests that perhaps they need to start wearing uniforms.

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Video: ABC Action News